Counseling for Couples and Families

Like many other things in life, relationships can be complex and confusing--and there are no clear rules for making them work. Counseling is not a magical fix for relationships, but it will provide a safe space for you and your significant other to clearly identify what is not working, create healthy and achievable relationship goals, and begin the work of being active and intentional contributors to your partnership.

Who can participate in couples counseling?

Couples counseling can be beneficial for couples at any stage in a relationship.  So, whether you have been dating for 6 months and are starting to think about marriage or you've been married for 30 years, couples counseling is for you.

My significant other is not interested in counseling.  Can I come without him/her?

You can always come to counseling on your own (individual counseling), but for couples counseling, both parties must be willing to participate.  If you begin individual counseling and your partner, later, decides to attend with you, I will, in most cases, refer you and your significant other to another therapist for couples counseling.  The reason for this is simple.  After an individual has developed a relationship with a therapist, their partner can sometimes feel "left out" when they join at a later date.  It is important that both parties see their therapist as a fair and neutral party so that trust can continue to grow and everyone feels safe. 

Why should I consider family counseling?

If you have noticed that members of your family are arguing, not getting along, or just do not seem to understand one another, you may benefit from family counseling.  As we grow, change, and experience life, it is easy to get out of sync with those around us.  Family therapy can help you understand those changes, communicate your needs effectively, and build stronger, healthier relationships.

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