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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be embarrassed about seeking counseling?

Absolutely not!  You are certainly not the first person to encounter a challenge in life.  Searching for a solution to a problem before it consumes you is smart and proactive!

Will you make me talk about things that I don't think matter (ie. my childhood)?

While your childhood, for example, may not be the focus of therapy, it would be a part of a required assessment at Burrell Counseling Group.  This assessment will take place during your initial session and may extend to your second session.  Beyond that, the focus of your sessions will be dependent on the goals you develop with your therapist.  

Will you "fix" me or my problems?

I wish it were that easy, but the truth is that therapists don't know any more about you or your life than you share.  A therapist is a neutral party with a different perspective of your situation. We hope that our perspective, along with all of the technical mumbo jumbo we learned in school, will help you press the reset button and get back on the path you want to be on.

Are my problems serious enough for counseling?

If your current situation is significant enough to cause you distress, it's enough for you to come to counseling. Some signs of distress are changes in your sleep habits, diet, or ability to focus.  Another sign is your problem causing problems in other aspects of your life.  For example, you're concerned about a situation at work, but you begin to notice that your fuse is shorter with your spouse. The point is that if your problem has you looking at this website, it is serious enough for counseling.

How do I choose the right therapist?

Keep your approach simple.  Does the therapist look or sound like someone you would want to talk to?  Do they look or sound friendly?  Does their tone (of voice or website) feel comfortable and relaxing to you?  I know that these things do not seem very scientific (and probably judgmental) but trust your gut.  If they look boring or too technical to you, you will likely perceive them that way in person--and you probably won't be inspired to build a relationship with them.  

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