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Scotia Burrell

(pronounced Scott-Tia)

Therapist, MSW, LCSW


This is where I should probably give you a really professional explanation about why I became a Social Worker and why I'm the best Therapist for you, but the truth is this: 


I know what it's like to look around and realize that nobody around (no matter how much they love me) understands what I'm going through--and I don't either!  I have felt helpless and hopeless and needed someone to help me get my bearings and regain my strength.  


My job, as a therapist, is to provide support and guidance as you make your way through difficult situations.

Sometimes, these will be long-term challenges:

  • Bipolar Disorder 

  • Schizophrenia 

  • Depression and/or Anxiety


Or they may be short(er)-term:

  • Relationship problems

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Difficulty in school or work


Not sure if therapy is what you need?  Have other questions?  Call me and let's talk about it.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!


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